Visit of project partners in Portugal 16.10. – 20.10.2018

Visit of project partners in Turkey 12.11. – 16.11.2018r.
27 listopada 2018
Visit of project partners in Bulgaria . – 18.03. – 22.03. 2019r.
20 maja 2019

Discussion panel

On 16-20 October, all partner countries of the Traveling Project-a jurney to future competences project met in Portugal. During the visit, we visited educational institutions, and we had the opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of Portugal, thanks to the wonderful performances of children. There was a discussion panel regarding the evaluation of activities in the first year of the project. Presentations of teacher research carried out by teachers from Portugal and research on children' creativity conducted by teachers from Lithuania were presented. The coordinator also presented an organizational message, which concerned project documentation, their form and place of inclusion on the e-Twinning portal and the project website. During the discussion, many questions were asked, to which we tried to find an answer together. In addition to educational facilities, we also visited beautiful cities - Porto and Aveiro, where we had the opportunity to learn about the historical and cultural heritage of Portugal.