Visit of project partners in Italy – 03.06. – 07.06. 2019r.

Visit of project partners in Lithuania – 23.09. – 25.09. 2019r.
8 października 2019
Visit of project partners in Romania – 15.04. – 19.04. 2019r.
30 października 2019

Discussion panel

On 03-07June 2019, a delegation of skills from the City Kindergarten No. 206 in Łódź, participates in general training under the Erasmus + project "Traveling projects - a journey to future plans in Anzio, in all.
Anzio III "in English, which is the language of the project. The training aims to present methods of educational education in partner countries, namely: Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Italy regarding the relationship of children in the world of national and regional culture and thus reminding.
The training program includes observation of activities with children in Anzio by project partners, hearing training presentations on regional education, meetings with educational authorities, getting to know the Italian education system and getting to know the region.