Visit of project partners in Bulgaria . – 18.03. – 22.03. 2019r.

Visit of project partners in Portugal 16.10. – 20.10.2018
16 stycznia 2019
Visit of project partners in Lithuania – 23.09. – 25.09. 2019r.
8 października 2019

Discussion panel

In 18-22 of March we took part in another Erasmus + Travelling Boxes meeting in Bułgaria. Children from the kindergarten called: 'Grimm Brothers' welcomed us nicely, showing regional uniform, dances and lovely food.
Teachers performed their lessons which could be seen by other Erasmus teachers. We could also get to know the description of the kindergarten, meet children and their teachers.
During the meeting, partners from Italy, Latwia, Lithuania and Turkey hold their ecological classes connected with the box. The classes were very artistic and creative. We also took part in a workshop held by the experts and the Conference organised by the city of Shumen and the teachers from kindergarten of 'Grimm Brothers' concerning Erasmus +.
Other partners performed their presentations connected with the boxes. On the end of the project we visited the kindergarten which focused on saving bees.
Activities related with the honey showed us the importance of taking care of the nature and animals. Without it all our living on the Earth would be impossible.