About the project

‘Travelling Project – the journey to the competences of the future’.

The cooperation of the institutions of Erasmus + KA2 program is planned for 24 months (from 01.11.2017 to 31.10.2019). The applicant institution is Kindergarten nr 206 with Integration Units in Poland in Lodz. The main aim of the project is: improvement of the key competences of the future guaranteeing success achievement and easy participation in European environment, by multi-faceted methods of small travelling projects, acting in combination with bilingual education on improvement of teachers and their students during lasting the project.

The innovativeness of the project is based on:

Developing new ideas of topics/ small projects that will develop themselves through a wide range of participating organizations (a parallel functioning project e-Twinning)

Dissemination of existing international projects using eTwining Live and Twinspaces platforms 

Testing and implementing innovative practices in the field of creative and active basic education, bilingual education, ICT.

Testing and implementing innovative practices in the field of creative and active basic education, bilingual education, ICT.

In the project, there participate 9 partners from 9 countries: Poland, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Lithuania.

There are 100 teachers taking parts in the project. All of them work in kindergartens or early learning schools, whose work uses the idea of comprehensive children’ education. Their activities are directed to 950 children and 350 parents who are involved into the project.

The results of the project will be Project and Inspirations Catalogue, Lesson plans, Project cards, The Internet side containing the gallery of projects which will be the tool to gaining, sharing and dissemination activities and results.


Project bases on the experience of partner institutions in the area of bilingual education, an art activities and implementation of small projects and international cooperation. It will be supported by studies in the area of creativity of children and study of expectations and results addressed to the teachers.

Within the project we are organising 9 study visits dedicated gaining new skills and experiences by teachers . Each of the visit brings different children’ activities because of which there will be created 36 study presentations. There will be 3 organisational meetings, where we are going to do activities leading to creating a network between organisation and the cooperation. These activities will contain 36 travelling around the Europe boxes/projects, ending with 36 events, workshops for teachers and the conference finishing the project.